UPSC IAS Interviews 2022 | State Based Questions | Uttar Pradesh state

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In this post, we are releasing the state-based questions of Uttar Pradesh state for UPSC IAS interviews 2022.

This post is a part of our series of state-based UPSC IAS interview questions. In this series, we are going to create state-specific posts, containing the questions that have been asked in the interviews on the basis of the home state of the candidate, mentioned in DAF.

You can take hints for your own interview preparation, from the type of questions asked.

State-based UPSC IAS interview questions for Uttar Pradesh state

History-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Which areas of Uttar Pradesh have remnants of the Harappan Civilisation?
  2. Kannauj was an important center during the 6th-7th centuries AD. What made it the choice of many kingdoms?
  3. Which ruler contributed the most to the culture of Awadh region and UP as a whole?
  4. What is Treaty of Allahabad?
  5. Who founded the city of Agra?
  6. What was the Meerut Conspiracy?
  7. Do you think 1857 revolt was the first step towards Indian Independence?
  8. When did Lucknow become the capital of UP?
  9. Can you name some of the freedom fighters from the state of Uttar Pradesh?
  10. Why is the Congress Session of 1916 important? Where in Uttar Pradesh did it take place?

Art and Culture-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Which city of UP is known as Nath Nagri and why?
  2. What is the history/mythology behind Kumbh mela in UP?
  3. Tell us about some handicrafts of Eastern UP?
  4. Can you name some famous exponent of the Banaras Gharana of Kathak?
  5. Which places in Uttar Pradesh have links to the Ramayana? Where did Lord Rama stay during the exile?
  6. Name a few historical monuments in UP that are listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites.
  7. Have you read the Ramacharitamanas? Which language is it written in and by whom?
  8. Where is the Lath Mar Holi celebrated? Why this tradition of beating with sticks?
  9. What are some of the famous folk dances of UP?
  10. What do you know about Nautanki? Themes?
  11. Where is Sulhe-Kul festival celebrated? What do you mean by Sulhe Kul?
  12. Why is Sarnath famous? How many animals are found in the Ashokan Pillar?

Politics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Is nationalism on the rise in UP? Is it good? What is nationalism? Where do you draw the line?
  2. Comment on the role of extra-constitutional bodies like Khap panchayats in UP?
  3. Recent Vikas Dubey encounter was in news from Uttar Pradesh. Do you agree with the view that police displayed high handedness in this case?
  4. What is the Commissionerate system? Which places in UP adopted this system? How is it going to help the police?
  5. Compare the rule of SP/BSP vs the BJP.
  6. How many divisions and districts is Uttar Pradesh divided in?
  7. What was the reason for the bifurcation of UP in 2000? Do you think the administration is more streamlined?
  8. What is your opinion on further division of the state?
  9. Has the vision of 33% reservation for women in local bodies been achieved in Uttar Pradesh?
  10. Do you agree that UP voters vote on the basis of caste?

Economics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about the Industrial Distribution in UP? Why such stark contrast between East or West?
  2. What steps are needed to double the farmers income in UP?
  3. Despite having good agro-climatic conditions, UP lags in horticultural production. What do you think are the factors behind this?
  4. Uttar Pradesh figures low in tourist earnings even when the state is historically and culturally rich. Reasons? Some features of the Tourism Policy.
  5. Recently Uttar Pradesh approved Defence Corridor. Can you throw some light on it?
  6. UP aims to become 1 Trillion economy. Is it possible? What are the challenges?
  7. Name major industrial centres of Uttar Pradesh?
  8. Eastern UP lacks in economic development. What factors have led to this situation?
  9. Uttar Pradesh has not been able to emerge as a Manufacturing and Export hub. What factors have led to this scenario?
  10. Why Manufacturing and Service sector is not that much developed in UP except Noida and Gaziabad?
  11. Green revolution took place in western UP but it couldn’t be transferred to whole state, why?
  12. UP is an agriculturally rich state, yet farmers are in poor condition? What do you think are the factors behind this paradox?
  13. MSME sector is one of the mainstays of the economy of UP. What steps have been taken to promote the small and medium scale industries?
  14. UP has four regions, western UP, eastern UP, Bundelkhand and Awadh UP. Western UP is developed. Tell me measures to develop the other three regions?

Social issues based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. We have seen some riots in Uttar Pradesh over last decade. What do you think are the factors that lead to such unfortunate incidents?
  2. Explain current caste structure of UP? Why is there caste based violence in UP?
  3. If you are working as an administrator in such area how will you prevent such atrocities?
  4. We witness many incidents of women and sexual abuse in Uttar Pradesh. How do you think they can be tackled in long term? (Hathras and Unnao case)
  5. Among all Indian states UP has the highest population. Is it demographic dividend or Burden?
  6. What is status of dowry and female foeticide in your area? Are laws against Dowry enough? Why are they being misused? What are recent changes in Dowry law?
  7. UP has the most number of anti-social elements and eve teasers. How can we address
    this issue? Do you think the anti-Romeo squads are a good measure?
  8. How will you address the problem of female literacy in the state?

Geography and Environment-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. With which countries does UP share its border?
  2. With which states does UP share its border?
  3. Uttar Pradesh has some of the most polluted cities wr.t. Air pollution. What steps are needed to curb this?
  4. Which areas of UP get the maximum and the minimum amount of precipitation?
  5. Which branch of the monsoon is responsible for rainfall in the state of UP?
  6. What kind of forests are found in the Mirzapur and Sonbhadra region?
  7. Why was the Chambal Sanctuary set up?
  8. Why was the elephant safari banned at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve? Any specific reason?
  9. What are the reasons of decline in leather industries in Kanpur?
  10. Taj Mahal is now being renovated/cleaned. What has led to the yellow stains on the monument?

Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. Ghaziabad is in the list of most polluted city in the world. What are the factors behind that?
  2. If I want to travel to UP what places would you suggest?
  3. Tell us about the problems your district is facing? As a DM how will you handle these problems?

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