[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #02 : Dr. Manoj Soni Board, Haryana State, Yoga Hobby

Board: Dr. Manoj Soni
Qualification: B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
Experience: BHEL, EPFO
Interests: Yoga, Pranayama.
State: Haryana

Disclaimer: You’ll have to put on the hand gloves and mask provided by them all the time till your interview is done. That may be a bit uncomfortable.
Chairman (C): Face shield is optional, Mask is not.
Me: (after putting the face shield on the table before me) Sir, I’m comfortable this way.


Ok then. Tell us what makes you comfortable?
Do you think Pakistan is a very big problem for India? (kept pushing on it)
You were trained to become an Engineer. You worked at a higher salary. Why you want to go to a lower salary to join something for which you were not trained?

Member 1

Tell us about the issues with the electricity sector and what can be done.
Tell about UDAY and Saubhagya scheme.
Is Saubhagya scheme a success?
Why the Government is hailing it as success in its reports?

Member 2

If you are an SP and the crowd gets violent, what would you do?
Would you use water cannon?
Would you use Lathi charge?
Even if it’s not controlled, would you order shooting?

Member 3

You have to organize say Olympics in Delhi, what are the things you’ll do?
Would you also detain someone in advance whom you suspect may create trouble?
Suppose you know they have some information that may be useful, would you interrogate them to extract the information?
What are your service preferences? Why IAS as first choice?

Member 4

BHEL is also like a family, then why did you leave your family?
One of my friends says that the best way to deal with Pakistan is to build a permanent Iron Wall between India and Pakistan. What do you think?
You are from Haryana. What are the issues with women in Haryana?
Chairman: Thank you. Your interview is over.
Overall, the Board was cordial.

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