[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #03 : Ajit S. Bhonsle Board, Haryana State, Sociology Optional

Board- Ajit S. Bhonsle sir
Education- BTech and MTech electrical engineering
Job-lecturer govt polytechnic
State – Haryana


1. Man is social animal. Explain
2. Only human social or any other animal.
3. Tell me about bees there organization and working.

Member 1

1. Which subject do you teach in college.
2. Renewable energy resources
3. Wind energy grid connection.
4. Geothermal in haryana. transmission and distribution losses, commercial losses in transmission system.
5. How to reduce these losses.

Member 2

1. bhashan partiyogita topic( daf)
2. What is Stage fever?
3. Anomy
4. Anomic suicide.
5. Modernization and its consequences.

Member 3

1. Bad effect of eucliptus.
2. From where this plant came.
3. Its impact on soil health.
4. You have done m.tech in 2015 and got a job in 2017, what are doing in between.
5. Oil bond
6. What is difference between simple oil and power oil?
7. What is hybrid vehicle its benefit?
8. Cost of solar plant , wind plant, geothermal plant.
9. How you select a site for solar plant.
10. What is mppt.

Member 4

1. Why sociology after electrical engg.
2. Why you shift job from JE pwd to lecturer in govt college.
3. Problem of agriculture in haryana.
4. Why do you grow only rice not pulses.
5. Status of pulses in india.
6. Why stubble burning in haryana. What are other ways farmer manage stubble remaining.
7. Why govt not taking strict action on those farmer.
8. How electrical Engineer you solve this problem.

1. Why farmers till their pulse before sowing rice.
2. Why rice remaining are not decomposable.
3. Why rice remaining can’t used for fodder of animals.

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