[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #05 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Jharkhand State

Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas Sir
State: Jharkhand
Area: Dhanbad


1. What have you been doing since your post graduation?
2. How are India’s relations with Russia?
3. What are the other nations from where we purchase weapons
4. What are the major weapons which we have acquired in the last few months
5. Major developments in missile
6. What are Rudram and python missiles
7. What is DRDO doing in missiles and other defence areas
8. Why is Brahmos called Brahmos
9. What is HSTDV
10. What is contempt of court
11. Any recent case of contempt of court
12. What were major outcomes of COP25 in Madrid
13. Any positive outcome of COP25(since I argued that it failed majorly)
14. What is differentiated banking

Member 1

1. Why is Dhanbad famous and what are its challenges?
2. What are the recent things in news?

Member 2

1. What are futures
2. Some question related to mutual funds which I didn’t understand then and don’t recall
3. What are hedge funds
4. What are derivatives
5. Are they based on liquid or illiquid assets
6. What will you do to prevent coal fires if made DM of Dhanbad
7. Should we revive our PSUs like HEC to boost mfg
8. Do investigative agencies have autonomy? If not how do we ensure they have it

Member 3

1. Why is Kirori Mal College called so Was it founded by Indians or foreigners Debate for and against the motion that Indian economy has been doing well in the last 5 years
2. Can a judge cause contempt of court

Member 4

1. How are India Russia relations changing based on dynamics of other nations
Is inequality a problem for a liberal democracy like India
2. How can you tackle inequality


1. Who was the chief guest for this republic day
2. Who was the chief guest last year
3. What is the rationale behind selecting a chief guest

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