[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #11 : Satyawati Board, Kerala State, Quilling  Hobby

Board: Satyawati mam
Hobby: Quilling
State: Kerala


  1. Why was your Start-up called that?
  2. Explain the gap in your DAF
  3. Three places that you worked on? What role? Work ex?
  4. Health care – Kerela, mp: which one is better?

Member 1

  1. Is Economics an exact science?
  2. What is the economic scenario post covid? What was it last year?
  3. Is the figure of de-growth right, because informal I’d not really a part of calculation?
  4. What is a strategic alliance that has recently been news?
  5. Which country will hold influence in Afg? Who will hold power?
  6. How India shall solve the Taliban issue of islamic radicalisation?

Member 2

  1. Start-ups, why rising in Banglore and not in Mumbai?
  2. Is Existence of mentorship a growth factor?
  3. Railways privatisation – what advantage?
  4. But if is still mired with delays and bad service, who will pay more?
  5. How to better manage privatisation?
  6. Why do airports have carpet, when so hard to clean?
  7. What is Quilling? (Hobby)

Member 3

  1. Why stock market so erratic?
  2. What has SEBI done to avoid scam?
  3. Why is stock market so bullish with the current economic situation?
  4. Do you think alpha, beta gives good perspective of stock market happening s?

Member 4

  1. Farmers protesting, why?
  2. What to do then? (don’t make MSP statutory)

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