[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #100 : TCA Anant sir Board, Electrical engineer Optional, Jogging & Defence Hobby

 Board: TCA Anant sir
Optional: Electrical engineer
IPS probationer
Hobby: jogging and defence,
Work experience: NTPC, railway,


  1. Tell us about some indigenous defence technology we have developed?


  1. Why jogging?
  2. Do you participate in marathons?
  3. What internal chemical changes occur in body during jogging

Member 2

  1. Make in India
  2. atmanirbhar bharat
  3. defence and make in india
  4. participation of private sector in defence
  5. steps taken to boost indigenous defence manufacturing

Member 3

  1. why is our criminal judicial system so inefficient?
  2. what is icjs?
  3. will doing everything online resolve pendency?
  4. how many types of prisoners in prison?
  5. difference in facilities given to under trial and convicts?

Member 4

  1. give overview of NTPC
  2. Three good things about NTPC
  3. if ntpc is so good, why you left it?
  4. what three things in your opinion ntpc should do
  5. how will you improve safety in railways and ntpc?
  6. what is quantum computing?
  7. three uses of quantum computing in railway, police or defence?

Chairman– didn’t ask any further questions
just said your interview is over.
thank you.

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