[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #103 : Smita Nagraj Board, Maharashtra Home State, PSIR Optional,

Date of Interview: 02/09/2021
Board: Smita Nagraj Madam
Home City/State: Wardha/Nagpur/Maharashtra
Background: M.Sc. Physics
Optional: PSIR,


  1. You are from Wardha.. Is Gandhi ji’s lifestyle relevant today?
  2. Do you find people following him now a days?
  3. Which ideas’ of Gandhiji have outlived its utility
  4. You mentioned Mr. Prakash Amte… How he manages to live among tribals, especially Naxals.. Is there some understanding between them?

Member 1

  1. What are recent changes in Essential commodities act?
  2. Which commodities were excluded?
  3. New Edible oil policy
  4. What was the toughest decision in your life?
  5. Difference between organised crime and terrorism

Member 2

  1. What is Net Neutrality? Is it enforceable under IT Act, 2000?
  2. Causes of unemployment? Present unemployment rate of India?
  3. What government has done on employment front? What is the status of the policies you mentioned
    (Some follow up questions)

Member 3

  1. Difference between LWE and Northeastern insurgencies
  2. Is there any external influence in north east? Cite examples
  3. Your opinion on state funding of elections
  4. What is status of electoral bonds? Why are they subject to criticism?
  5. Issues of malnourishment in Maharashtra.. what it has to do with LWE? regions infamous for malnutrition

Member 4

  1. What is the name of International university in Wardha? What’s motivation behind that?
  2. IVF.. (a 3-4 minutes long question😅).. who is resposible for the the undesirable consequences ? Doctors- testing centres, customers or government?
  3. What is Multidisciplinary, Intradisciplinary and Transdisciplinary in New Education Policy? Is it possible to avail to such education?
  4. What is Credit Based Choice System? How its different from NEP?
  5. What is Nagpur Orange? Does it have a GI tag? What is exact place around Nagpur where tese oranges are grown?
  6. What is Judicial Accountability? How to ensure it?

You said that while dealing with LWE we failed to accomodate them and we succeeded mostly in North Eastern region… why is this so? Elaborate the governments policy/doctrine to deal with LWE

Your interview is over!
(No exclusive question on hobby, graduation, optional.. mostly focussed on Maharashtra)

Cordial panel! Best luck

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