[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #104 : RN Choubey Sir Board, Kerala Home State, PSIR Optional,

Board: RN Choubey Sir
Optional: PSIR
Background: Btech CSE
Home State: Kerala


  1. Enquired when I arrived in Delhi in my local language
  2. Gave brief Introduction of the interview process
  3. Asked me to Introduce myself highlighting graduation and work experience.
  4. Types of leadership and what type of leader I’m?
  5. Does democratic leadership apply in the army?

Member 1

  1. Asked about leadership style of Modi-interrupted by chairman sir
  2. Leadership style of Indira Gandhi and conversation around it
  3. Any situation of liberal leadership in army

Member 2

  1. Kerala politics- why parties take turn in power
  2. My state’s new govt formation and schemes
  3. Cash transfer good or bad
  4. Biden policy towards India. Is it better than Trump?
  5. Which president- Trump or Biden is better for the American people and their country.

Member 3

  1. Asked How my name is pronounced?
  2. 3 transformational leaders of Africa. He gave one example of Nelson Mandela and asked me to say other two.
  3. southern states pays so much tax and in return get meagre returns in comparison to the Hindi heartland. My opinion and solution
  4. Nep challenges and drawbacks.

Member 4

  1. Gave a Quote of Marx and asked me to identify and explain.
  2. Counter perspective of the above quote by another scholar and asked me whether you agree.
  3. Do we need to focus on rich or poor and what will I do if I’m in charge of finance and whom will I focus on.
  4. After being in service for 30 years, what would you call success when you look back into your career.


  1. Do you want to ask us anything or share something?
  • Very cordial board and great experience.
  • Overall interview was 35 minutes

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