[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #106 : M. Sathiyavathy Board, Yoga Hobby, Currently in IPS

Date of Interview: 31/08/ 2021
Board: M. Sathiyavathy
Background: B. Com(H)
Currently in IPS
Hobby: Yoga


  1. What were you doing in between 2016-20?
  2. Many Civil servants are using social media and gaining publicity. Even PM pointed this out during his recent discussion with IPS officers. What is your view on the same?
  3. Should we allow use of personal account of officers to publicise official work?
  4. Shouldn’t we ban officers from having a personal account by officers?
  5. Do conduct rules allow you to write an opinion in favor of govt?
  6. How to check misuse of personal accounts of social media by many civil servants spread across the country?

Member 1

  1. You have mentioned Yoga as a hobby? Since when did you start practicing it?
  2. Your view on its importance?
  3. How did it help you?
  4. What is the psychology behind social media?
  5. Why do officers come on Social Media?
  6. Have you seen the movie Singham?
  7. What is your opinion on reflection of police in that movie?

Member 2

  1. Why don’t you continue in IPS?
  2. Police reforms?
  3. Follow up questions
  4. What was your work as Treasurer of The Student’s Union?
  5. How impact you made?

Member 3

  1. Why stock market rising despite poor economic performance?
  2. Do you think Instant justice is good?
  3. It has both public as well as political support. What is your opinion?
  4. How to improve the Criminal Justice system?

Member 4

  1. Recent news of Militancy in Northeast? Are you aware?
  2. Recent case of MH where a Union Minister was arrested. Is it right? What is your view?
  3. was it a civil proceeding or criminal? Or proceedings?
  4. Is there anyone who is immune from? criminal proceedings?

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