[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #108 : TCA Anant sir Board, Chhattisgarh Home State, Commerce & Accountancy

Date of Interview: 31/08/2020
Board: TCA Anant sir.
Home State: Chhattisgarh
Optional: Commerce and Accountancy
Hobbies: Listening Ted Talks, Travelling to hill stations, playing and following cricket
Current Job: PMU under MoSJE


  1. What are you doing after grad
  2. What is this PMU unit
  3. What impact can you create out of it
  4. What are schemes of MoSJE

Member 1

  1. What is a social audit
  2. Which schemes provide for social audit
  3. Status of social audit
  4. How can social audit improve our work in PMU
  5. What are issues in the hill stations and how can be resolved

Member 2

  1. Can india achieve 5 trillion target
  2. What are issues in Indian economy.
  3. What should be done to improve the economy
  4. What has made Indian cricket team performing so well vis a vis 1990s time

Member 3

  1. Do we need caste census
  2. Can India ever be a casteless society

Member 4

  1. Explain your startup idea
  2. What is this Industrial Revolution 4.0
  3. What is India’s status in IR 4.0
  4. Issues in our education system that affect our performance in IR 4.0
  5. What can be done in education system for IR 4.0

Chairman: your interview is over.

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