[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #109 : RN Choubey Board, Jharkhand Home State, PSIR Optional,

Date of Interview: 3rd September
Board: RN Choubey
Background: IIT BHU, B.tech
Home State: Jharkhand
Optional: PSIR
Work ex: Samsung


  1. We are nice people, we will just have conversation so sit back relax and enjoy.
  2. No questions from RNC sir, just listening to my answers with serious expression throughout.

Member 1

  1. Is India doing the right thing by talking to the Taliban?
  2. What do u think, Sovereignty more important or human rights?
  3. Should terrorists be given human rights?
  4. Some counter questions and discussions.

Member 2

  1. Questions on 5g- should be developed pan India or partial.
  2. How to develop other sports apart from cricket in India?
  3. How to integrate tribals?
  4. Jharkhand related questions- dams, water table,  sportsperson represented in Olympics?

Member 3

  1. Should we accept Chinese investments in India? some discussions.
  2. About Ulfa, activities, aims?
  3. Where is Paresh Baruah residing now?
  4. Public accounts committee- supplementary questions

Member 4

  1. Did we do blunder by liberating Bangladesh, we could have blackmailed Pakistan by creating disturbance there now?
  2. Why are research and development lagging in India?
  3. Why no google, Fb, amazon like indigenous companies in India?
  4. How to create companies like them.


It was nice talking to you.
All the best
I might have missed Some questions. Overall good experience, cordial board

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