[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #111 : Sathiyavathy Mam Board, PSIR Optional, Badminton, Nukkad Natak Hobbies, IRTS

Interview date: 03/09/2021
Board: Sathiyavathy Mam
Background: Electrical Engineering
Optional: PSIR
Hobbies: Badminton, Nukkad Natak


  1. Where did you play badminton…Are u continuing?
  2. Why PV Sindhu lost her match
  3. About Tai Tzu Ying and her game
  4. What’s the role of height in badminton..Pro and Cons
  5. What’s ur height and how do you play

Member 1

  1. View on amalgamation of Railways services…2-3 cross questions
  2. About the post of DRM. Why it is lucrative posting.
  3. Which services has the most DRMs and why?
  4. Difference between electrical and electronics
  5. Range of frequency and voltage of both

Member 2

  1. Meaning of my name … justification
  2. So you like acting…Why street play not theatre
  3. What all play you have done..example
  4. How street play could be used in energy conservation
  5. How efficient is LED
  6. How government is promoting it

Member 3

  1. Difference between AC and DC transmission
  2. Why HVDC transmission is preferred
  3. Working of Solar grid…2-3 cross-questions on parameters and instruments
  4. New innovations in Solar cells…
    Cross questions

Member 4

  1. What do you understand by democratic values
  2. Difference between nation and state..again a long discussion over it
  3. What is cultural nationalism…Israel vs India debate
  4. What UNSC could do vis a vis Taliban in Afghanistan

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