[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #112 : RN Choubey sir Board, Rajasthan Home State, Geography Optional, IPS

Date of Interview: 3rd September 2021
Board: RN Choubey sir
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Optional: Geography
Home State: Rajasthan
Worked in tata motors Pune


  1. Tell us about your academic background ?
  2. What are the benefits of promoting electric vehicle?
  3. How it reduce air pollution when electricity is generated from coal based power plants?
  4. Should we reduce import duties on electric vehicles to be zero?
  5. How will it impact our local manufacturers?

Member 1

  1. What should be the security architecture to deal with Taliban at world level?
  2. Can India take a lead in this regard?
  3. Should India deploy it’s forces in Afghanistan? Pros and cons
  4. What factors should be considered while designing vehicle for High altitude regions?


  1. Who are Meerabai’s contemporary in Punjab and Assam?
  2. What is the Appointment procedure of CBI director? Why not same procedure for NIA director?
  3. Should appointment of Election commissioner be made independent?


  1. Why India has not signed UN convention against torture?
  2. How can we control torture in our police stations?
  3. What would be your priorities as an SP among cybercrime, economic offences, and security?
  4. As an SP, How will you have control over SHO in your district?


  1. How do you justify reservation against right to equality in our constitution?
  2. You are from rajasthan, them me about Rana Kumbha’s agriculture and trade policy?
  3. Should human rights of terrorist be protected? Then what about the rights of society for security?


  1. Do you want us to ask you anything that you have prepared and we have not asked?
  2. I told them about my NPA Hyderabad training then sir asked me about it.
  • Thank you..your interview is over.
  • (Interview went for around 25 minutes..Board was very cordial)

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