[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #113 : Air Marshal Bhonsle Board, Agriculture Optional, Hindi poetry & Shaysri Hobbies

Board: Air Marshal Bhonsle
Optional: Agriculture
Home State: Delhi
Hobbies: Hindi poetry and Shayari
Prize in skit and one act play


  1. Asked me to remove my face shield.
  2. Made me comfortable by appreciating my extra curricular Activities and Academic marks
  3. So we have a tall man in the room! What is your height?
  4. Do you think being tall is good or bad? What are pros and cons of it?
  5. What is your shoe size?
  6. There are up to 70% off in your shoe size!? Have you purchased any shoe in near past?
  7. How does Covid impacted plays and dramas?
  8. Do virtual medium is as much effective?
  9. Why you left your job as Assistant Technical Manager in just 1 month?
  10. What is ATMA? What type of service do it provide?
  11. What are extension services provided to the farmers in your area?

Member 1

  1. (male member)(most probably a Hindi literature professor) :
  2. Who are your favourite poets in Hindi?
  3. What is the starting line of Rashmirathi by Dinkar?
  4. Tell me something special about Mahadevi Verma?
  5. What is Chhayavaad?
  6. He recited a shayri of Bashir Badra and asked me about that particular Shayari?
  7. Then he recited another shayari most probably of Rahat Indauri and asked me to interpret!

Member 2

  1. He was not very loud and was sitting very far. I asked several times to repeat the questions.
  2. What is mortgage in real estates?
  3. Other real estates term( I was not able to listen the terms, I asked him to repeat and again unable to listen what he was saying)
  4. What are 3 farm laws? How will it affect the Indian agricultural scenario?
  5. Why this was need?
  6. What are the issues regarding MSP?

Member 3

  1. Quoted a statement by UNICEF which was about whether school children allowed to go to school this time or not?
  2. Why not virtual learning?
  3. What are the benefits of physical learning?

Member 4

  1. What are the concerns of farmers? What can be done on this issue?
  2. What are the institutional changes required in agriculture this time?
  3. In Covid Agriculture sector is the only silver lining which gave hope to GDP growth, why it is so?
  4. Recent blockage of parliament and hindrance in proceedings? What do you think of that?


  1. When govt planned to double farmers income?
  2. What is income of farmer in present? Do you have any estimate?
  3. What is you plan after the interview?
  4. Where do you reside in Delhi?
  5. Where is your native place?

Okay, your interview is over. You can go now.
Please don’t leave your face shield here. (As I forgot my face shield)
Duration: Approximately 35 minutes

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