[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #122 : Smita Nagraj Board, Kerala Home State, PSIR Optional,

Date of Interview: 03/09/21
Board: Smita Nagraj
Background: Btech EEE
Optional: Political Science and IR
Home State: Kerala


  1. Please tell me what you are currently doing.
  2. Have you started monitoring projects? What are the states assigned to you?
  3. What was the process of selection for your job?
  4. Was the group discussion effectively conducted by the organisation?
  5. Do you think group discussions can be a reliable way to judge relative merit in UPSC?
  6. Do you think Adani Group is overstretching itself by expanding into multiple sectors?
  7. Do you think that government should have put restrictions on bidding for Adani as they have been given far too many airports for instance?
  8. Why IFS as your first preference?
  9. What are the regions from where maximum remittances are sent to India?

Member 1

  1. Elaborate about benefits/demerits of legal aid and especially with respect to Kerala
  2. What are the issues on the ground in the implementation of Lok Adalats?
  3. If you were appointed to spread awareness about the rights given by the Consumer Protection Act, what are the steps you would take?
  4. Kindly elaborate about the issue of women empowerment in Kerala even though it is a highly literate state that had matriarchal communities
  5. Do you think reservation for women is necessary in this regard
  6. You are using the term normative, do you mean Normative Theory by “x” author (don’t remember)

Member 2

  1. What is the southernmost point of India?
  2. What is the strategic significance of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
  3. What is meant by AFSPA and describe the special powers it grants?
  4. Do you think it should be applied continuously or intermittently to a region and give reasons for your stand
  5. Toddy is a big part of Kerala culture and is available freely, do you think it is a reason for alcoholism in Kerala
  6. What are the reasons for alcoholism to prevail in Kerala society, especially among men?
  7. Does data support the statement that alcoholism is quite prevalent in Kerala?

Member 3

  1. Why is the diaspora split among NRI, OCI, and PCI? Give reasons for such a classification
  2. If you were the Ambassador to Doha, how would you safeguard India’s interests while making contact with the Taliban?
  3. How would we prevent alignment of Afghanistan with China and Pakistan?
  4. Is vaccine diplomacy a way forward in Afghanistan?
  5. What is your opinion about vaccine diplomacy of India?
  6. Do you think it was the right step?
  7. What is the Alappuzha model that has won global acclaim?

Member 4

  1. Tell me about issues with the SCA to SCSP scheme and Tribal sub plan
  2. You worked at PwC, tell me the differences in auditing in private and government firm
  3. (Chairperson interrupted and asked me what vertical I worked in)
  4. You have mentioned a project in electricity sector, tell me the future vision that you have in mind about the electricity sector
  5. With respect to DISCOMS, what is the way forward especially as UDAY scheme has not succeeded?
  6. You have done project on urban planning as well, what is your opinion about the issues with urban planning in India?


  1. Held up my photo and asked me to remove my mask
  2. Thank you, your interview is over

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