[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #124 : Sujata Mehta Board, Delhi Home State, Meditation Hobby

Date of Interview: 03.09.2021
Board: Sujata Mehta
Home State: Delhi
Hobby: Meditation


  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Shall we go for Leasing Model OR Outright sale model in National Monetization Plan;
  3. Problems with Delhi MCDs;
  4. My work Ex in DANICS & NTPC.

Member 1 

  1. Shall we Merge all Accounts Services?
  2. Shall we Sell Air India?

Member 2

  1. Problems in Thermal Power Sector.
  2. Has India’s Foreign Policy moved away from Idealism?

Member 3 

  1. Why Cost & Time Overruns happen in Projects?
  2. Shall we close down our Thermal Power plants as in UK?

Member 4

  1. How have we maintained a good relationship with Iran & Saudi Arabia, Despite their Mutual Conflicts;
  2. Problems with Power sector PPAs


  1. What kind of Meditation do you do (My Hobby);
  2. Significance of Rakhigarhi;
    Thank you.

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