[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #129 : TCA Anant Sir Board, Electrical Engineering Optional

Date of Interview: 17th August
Board: TCA Anant Sir
Background: B.Tech. Electrical Engineering IITR
Optional: Electrical Engineering


  1. (starts reading about my graduation and college)
  2. What is this Viterbi India Program and what was your project there?
  3. Why candidates like you are not going into research? (Told many in my branch did go)
  4. Seems like good students at IIT are either going to USA or coming into CS and not contributing into research within India, What is the reason? (Little Discussion on this)

Member 1

  1. What will you do if there is change in frequency of grid?
  2. Problems of integrating renewable energy into the grid?
  3. Asked about a certain solar plant?- said I don’t know about this
  4. How to manage fluctuations in renewable power?
  5. Which is the best method to store renewable power?
  6. During National campaign to switch off electricity, how grid stability was maintained?

Member 2

  1. What is AI? What are the privacy issues with AI?
  2. Indian society is closely knitted, do we even value privacy, do we need it?
  3. Status of Electricity supply in UP?
  4. Online education- effect of electricity and Internet penetration on learning outcomes?

Member 3

  1. Who is a mentor? What was your role?- tried to grill here a bit wrt my research focused resume during grad
  2. What is moral policing? Difference between mentoring and moral policing? – Little discussion here
  3. Service preference? Why IFS low at 5th?
  4. ISRO failure, No indigenous weapons- have we failed? Why are we not able to manufacture products a large scale? Reasons and solutions?

Member 4

  1. How AI is going to change the nature of jobs?
  2. How will you use Electrical Engineering in administration?
  3. What is IITR motorsports, your role there?
  4. Constraints with electric vehicles?
  5. How will you develop charging infrastructure?Chairman- Your interview is over!

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