[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #130 : Manoj Soni Board, Kerala Home State, Public speaking, critical writing Hobbies

Date of interview: 23rd August 2021
Board: Manoj Soni
Qualification: MBBS
Work Experience: Medical Officer X 3 Years
Home State: Kerala
Hobbies: Public speaking, critical writing
Co curricular activity: Founding member, Health on wheels program amongst a host of others


Good afternoon. Let’s start off. Before that, keeping a shield is optional, but wearing a mask is compulsory. Please remove your mask for a minute so that I can verify you with your photograph

  1. Excellent. So let’s start. You passed out in 2018?
  2. What were you doing since then?
  3. OK. So why did you jump from Medicine to Civil services?
  4. So, if it is not a confidential issue, then can you please explain your experience?
  5. Would you agree to me if I tell you that, despite 75 years of our independence, we have not been able to give everyone on this country atleast 1 glass of drinking water?
  6. What are the probable reasons according to you?
  7. Can you tell me some proactive steps the government is taking now?
  8. Are you sure that Jal Jeevan is about tap water connection?

Member 1

  1. Which article?
  2. So, how do we mention it clearly? What is the procedure?
  3. Okay. So, imagine that you are walking through the street and you find a dehydrated dog locked inside a car. What would you do?
  4. Points to the next member.

Member 2

  • South Indians love professional courses. Can you tell me gthe characteristics of education sector in south India?
  1. Can you give me the situation of health care professionals in India?
  2. Are there divides?
  3. Do you agree that it is huge?
  4. Then what can we do about it?
  5. So, tell me about bridge course.
  6. And about paramedicals?

Member 3

  1. So, based on health on wheels program, can we take urban doctors to rural area to solve the rural urban divide?
  2. What is the single most achievement of India?
  3. what are three positive contributions of colonial british rule?
  4. What do you understand between religious tolerance and acceptability?
  5. So, is using religious tolerance as a word, is there something wrong to it?
  6. pointed to the next member after thanking me.

Member 4

  1. Good afternoon. Can you tell me three positive things about Gig economy?
  2. And, three negatives?
  3. Okay. What are some of the recebt measures taken by the government to stop mounting NPAs?
  4. One thing the government is doing is it is recapitalising the banks. What do you understand by it?
  5. And, is it good to pump public money into such banks?
  6. Last question. In a rigid bureacracy, there is no space for the answer, ‘I dont know’. In such a
  7. Good. Thankyou *Waves to the chairman*


  • All the best. Your interview is over.
  • Overall, board was cordial. I was doubtful in a lot of answers.
  • This is only a rough recall.

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