[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #133 : Sujata Mehta ma’am Board, Haryana Home State, Commerce & accountancy Optional

Board: Sujata Mehta ma’am
Background: B.com Hons and M.com
Home State: Gurgaon, Haryana
Optional: Commerce and accountancy


  1. Introduce urself with ur academics
  2. What are doing since 2019
  3. Why civil service
  4. Why billionaire increasing in india with poors are also increasing
  5. Why stock market booming
  6. What is unicorn
  7. How startup helps

Member 1

  1. What is reagon economics (didn’t answered)
  2. Why we win less model at Olympics
  3. What need to done to win more Olympics
  4. We have the infrastructure already how to use it (counter)

Member 2

  1. Why Haryana winning more medal in wrestling
  2. Can this culture can be imitated in other states (based on my reply)
  3. What is IFRS
  4. What is Ind AS
  5. Tell me some IFRS

Member 3

  1. What is international accounting standard board ( didnt answered)
  2. Should cricket included in Olympics and why it’s difficult to include cricket in Olympics
  3. Why we r not hosting Olympics
  4. Why 2047 plan to host Olympics (it’s too late)
  5. Why SEZ failed in India
  6. Why not build SEZ near ports

Member 4

  1. (psychologist, as he saw my body language again and again and even looking at my shoes also)
  2. Gurgaon is unplanned and how to plan outer Gurgaon
  3. As a DC of border dist whats ur priority


  1. Do u want that we ask qs from some specific are ( I said maam no specifice area but If u want we can discuss more) Share ur good experience with any govt dept
    Share one bad experience also
  2. Do u asked for any help from govt in lockdown (I said no)
    Ur interview is over

All members seemed satisfied and Chairman was happy

Note – Chairman was circular (that marriage waali) and two members were only at a distance of 1 metre. Table was like a meeting table

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