[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #134 : Smita Nagraj ma’am Board, History Optional,

Date of Interview: September 3
Board: Smita Nagraj mam
Background: History Hons. Du
Optional: History


  1. What are you doing since 2018. Why you did not go for postgraduation.
  2. Why did you choose history?
  3. If given the opportunity to make a time capsule what would you put in it?
  4. What are your views on protest, explain with example?
  5. Why farmers of particular states are at forefront of farmers protest?
  6. How would you solve the farmer protest issue?

Member 1

  1. What 3 steps would you take to improve situation of football in India?
  2. What is government doing for same?
  3. Should schools be reopened for all classes?
  4. What is the government doing regarding opening of schools?
  5. Fertiliser subsidy, advantages, and disadvantages?

Member 2

  1. Do you know of marriage law amendment bill of 2010?
  2. Is history of any importance?
  3. History is the unfolding of past, your view.
  4. Has the shunting of children and adolescents in their home during corona had a negative impact over mental health?
  5. CJI has admitted a PIL based on letter of a 10-year-old boy regarding opening of schools. Don’t you think it is problematic?
  6. In which article of constitution is complete justice mentioned?

Member 3

  1. How online radicalisation is done?
  2. What steps should be taken to better regulate online space?
  3. Recently a maritime dispute was settled in Indian Ocean, do you know about it?
  4. How is maritime boundary delineated?
  5. Recently economic emergency was declared in a country, Which country and Why?
  6. Similarities between history and anthropology?

Member 4

  1. What are laws and mechanism for dealing with cybersecurity issue? Are their any lacunaes?
  2. How did the Pegasus issue happen?
  3. Why did the aghanistan war last so long? What should be Indias focus regarding Afghan issue?
  4. Schemes of government of India for promoting village level entrepreneurship?
  5. What are your views regarding national cyber crime reporting portal?


  1. Investment portfolio of middle class is changing. Explain and what are it’s implication for government?
    Thank you your interview is over

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