[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #135 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Uttar Pradesh  Home State, Cricket & Teacher Hobby, IPS

Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Background: Mechanical engineering
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Hobbies: Cricket and Teacher
Involved in Designing of Race car


  1. Asked me to sit down directly before even I could wish. But I wished all of them and then sat down. Chairman was pretty happy about it and said very good and then asked me to sit down again (Idk If he asked me to sit down before wishing intentionally or unintentionally )
  2. So you are in IPS, did u join the academy? Why not ?
  3. So today (6th September) is teachers day? I politely said sir it was yesterday. Oh ok, said the CM and then asked – “COVID is the best teacher” My take on this. Asked me to talk in 5 concrete points
  4. What is you opinion about instant justice by police? Does it happen? Should it happen?
  5. What is National security? What are the threats to National security? (Talked about external+internal + modern threats like Cyber security aspects and climate change)
  6. Counter question: Should we have a specialised force to deal with Cyber security challenge? What has india done?

Member 1

  1. So u have done car designing, he asked very long question. But the crux was that how the design of vehicles in mountainous terrain will be different from that of normal vehicles ?
  2. History of car racing in and current situation? Where it happens ? Talked about Coimbatore and Buddha international Circuit. When did F1 happened for last time in India? What’s the current status of Buddha circuit?
  3. So you play basketball and cricket both. Again very long 3 questions in one. He clearly said I will ask 3 questions and u please answer them after I have asked. So I carefully listened.
  4. So If you have to chose one out of basketball and cricket which one will you chose to play and which one u won’t? How to improve the attraction of the other one in india? Third question, I forgot even there but thankfully even he forgot that. And while we were talking about second question he asked about NBA and what India can learn from America in terms of Basketball etc etc

Member 2

  1. Tell me your 5 positive and 5 negative attributes (talked about giving lot of time to cricket and some time waste)
  2. How will you manage your passion for cricket and your duty as DM ?
  3. How has the experience of cricket change with coming of highlights (not this exact question but somewhat like that )
  4. What is Brexit? Tell two positive and two negative impacts of Brexit on India

Member 3

  1. What is Hexit? Related to Hungry- she only told me (thanked her)
  2. New rules change in Drone rules? (Told 6-7 points
  3. India is trying to become —— by 2030? (What is india trying to become under new drone policy. I didn’t understand the question. It was fill in the blanks type ) She told Global Drone hub
  4. What are three colours under rule? Meaning of each colour?

Member 4

  1. So u come from rural or urban background (said rural)
  2. So what’s your take on ‘rapid urbanisation’ (talked about smart cities with smart villages to ensure inclusive growth etc etc) how will you manage the both? Who will do CG or SG? Said along with these two we will need strong Local government to ensure sustainable development of both regions.
  3. Status of Urbanisation in UP. (Smart cities first, new infra development etc etc)
  4. Lot of MSMEs in UP are stressed. Is there a policy gap? Challenges?


  1. What is principle of natural justice?
  2. Thank you. Your interview is over and All the best for your future
  3. No question related to if I wanna share or ask anything
  4. Overall: very cordial board. Sir was listening for whole time and nodding and smiling.
  5. Mask: they asked me to take the mask down with shield on
  6. I have forgotten few questions. Will add once I recall

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