[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #136 : Smita Nagraj Ma’am Board, Kerala Home State, Travel Photography, Listening to Carnatic & Tamil Music Hobbies

Date of Interview: 03-Sept-2021
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Background: B.TECH CS
Home State: Kerala
Hobbies: Travel Photography, Listening to Carnatic & Tamil Music


  1. Why Tamil Music?
    A: Mam… it’s very romantic.
  2. Romantic?
    A: Explained about Ilayaraja & AR Rahmans compositions .
  3. Why Carnatic?
    A: 2018 upsc pre qn on Tyagaraja -lord krishna . Forced me to listen to Carnatic . Now i am an expert. Everyone laughed

Member 1

  1. 2018 passed out.. till now?
    A: 1 year in Blore & 2 years in Delhi for preparation. (i feel I should have mentioned that it’s my first attempt. If anyone of you are – just bring it somewhere during conversation – sometimes they dont care to read ur DAF properly. )
  2. WHy industries in Kerala are poor? Tell me the most one Important Reason?
    A: Labour Union Culture
  3. U think thats the most imp?
    A: There r other factors like less land availability , high labour wages .
  4. Tell me how u will tackle it?
    A. Explained about UP Act for penalising damage to public Properties. Said I don’t know what to be done with land. She gave me a disappointed look.
  5. Don’t u think each state has its own +ve & -ves. Kerala can focus on Service sector, isn’t it? Tell me a foreign country model which could be applied to Kerala.
    A. Talked about Singapore & how we should focus on Ayurveda, Tourism in Kerala
  6.  Should State give patronage for Arts? Should Corporates also give?
    A: Said yes, and can be also included in CSR. Gave an average answer.

Member 2

  1. Sea level rise in Kerala . What be done ?
    A: build magnets of employment in inner areas, train fisherman in coir,plantation, etc. Build Machan type houses as we see in vietnam & Cambodia.
  2. Cant recollect further.

Member 3

  1. RTE? why additions in FDuties & DPSP ?
    A: gave answer- average.
  2. Definition of Child in various laws?
    A: Said its till 14 in RTE. explained how it is leading to Child labour coz 15-18 can work in non-hazardous industries.
  3. Do u think Child should be <18?
    A: Yes
  4. Who is a Juvenile?
    A: JJ Act : JJBoard constituted & they determine. Average .
  5. Laws for Women Safety in Workplace .?
    A: Explained about Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.
  6. Tell me about NGT ?
    A. Said its a Statutory body to ensure Environmental Justice . I said it has judicial powers.
  7. Judicial /Quasi ?
    A; Sorry Sir, Quasi , thanks for correcting me .

Member 4

  1. How to regulate Online Gaming in backdrop of Chinese move.?
    A: keeping times for apps , & more focus on creatig awareness to parents about detriments of games – mental health iissues, addiction etc.
  2. How to regulate online gambling ?
    A: Dont Know SIr.
  3. Rest i cannot recollect.

Member 5

  1. Ban on Chinese Apps, impacts?
    A: Firstly it was mostly Symbolic- after the Clashes @ galwan . Secondly – gave a push for domestic IT sector.
  2. U think it helped Indian apps?
    A: Yes.
  3. What’s the performance of Digital India?
    A : Said I am not satisfied. We have not achieved milestones. 30k panchayats in India doesnt have Mobile network. Talked about Odisha boy died after falling from cliff when he was searching for mobile network.
  4. Tell me something about govt schemes in digital India like DigiLocker, Bharat Net, he mentioned few other schemes .?
    A: Talked about them and also added National Strategy on Blockchain.
  5. How to deal with Pakistan?
    A: Gave an answer.

Chairman Said u can go.

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