[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #137 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Telangana Home State, Carnatic Music Hobby

Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Profile: Chemical  Engg BIT Mesra+ MBA, IIM Indore
Hobbies: Carnatic Music
Home State: Telangana
Work Ex: Deloitte


  1. You have two names-what do people address you as?
  2. You are still working?
  3. Why would you quit a high paying job and company known for good work culture ( Deloitte)
  4. When did this thought of appearing for UPSC Originate?
  5. Why did you not write the exam after graduation?
  6. Why not immediately after Post Graduation?
  7. Coming to Management- Tell me what is Management, what is Administration, and what is Governance ( counter questions on Management)
  8. What is Good Governance
  9. Do you think our Foreign Policy has changed drastically in the last few years?
  10. How do you understand by Poverty?
  11. How do we measure poverty?
  12. Contributions of Ahilya Bai Holkar?
  13. Tell me her contributions sociologically
  14. What are Tax Havens
  15. Connect it to Global Minimum Tax Rate

Member 1

  1. Hobby of Readathon and Goodreads Website
  2. What are current reading challenges you are taking part in
  3. Why did you opt for Sociology
  4. How will you use it in Administration
  5. Define Socialization

Member 2

  1. Did marks feature in your decision of choosing sociology? It is consistently the most rewarding optional ( Told him, I did not think of it that way after seeing optional marks but I did consider limited syllabus as Criteria)
  2. What is most urbanized and least urbanized state in India
  3. Explain Urbanization as a phenomenon and in future, if it will be inclusive – if inclusive will it be natural or state-imposed
  4. Carnatic Singers- tell me 4 current practicing singers
  5. Why not mentioning Sudha Raghunathan

Member 3

  1. Tell me about a leading music director from South India and his current controversy ( AR Rahman and some Twitter trolling – he explained incident while I gave the name), your opinion on it
  2. NSS, NCC, Bharat Scouts and Guides- have these institutions served their purpose?
  3. In recent context, what is the most important thing for Comprehensive Nation Power, will give you a hint that Bhutan launched something in late 2000…connect it ( he was expecting Soft Power and importance of Qualitative Assessments like Global Happiness Index)

Member 4

  1. ASEAN and SAARC what is a difference in their working
  2. Differentiate Migration and Forced Migration
  3. Since you mentioned BBIN- What are the countries
  4. What is the other B and what are its problems for inclusion( I told Bhutan but there are environmental concerns)
  5. NEP- should states have separate policies
  6. Counter to you- shouldn’t states want to protect their ethnicity and their history instead of uniformity of syllabus?

Thank you your interview is over

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