[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #138 : TCA Anant Board, Andhra Pradesh Home State, Sociology Optional

Board: TCA Anant
Background: Civil engineering
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Andhra Pradesh


  1. Asked about a hobby, which car would you suggest for city usage and why?
  2. Tell me about the technical features of the car that you’ve suggested
  3. Then about another hobby, which kind of and which language movies do u watch?
  4. Tell me about the scene that moved u in 3 idiots movie.
  5. After I gave my answer, M4 added to it and everybody laughed
  6. Having known the Afghanistan history and present issues, analyse the present issues sociologically?

Member 1

  1. Asked about bullet trains
  2. which cities it is going to connect
  3. the total cost is it worth the money being put in given the traffic between the cities is not huge? (Replied the symbolic value is much higher than the economic value)
  4. How should we finance the project, collect charges later or use taxes collected? (Replied given the capital intensive nature and also to make it attractive for consumers to choose it over airways, a balance of both is necessary)

Member 2

  1. Given you are a civil engineer, other than normal infrastructure projects which sector do u consider important, by the time I replied he mentioned that he wants to know about housing
  2. About housing for all
  3. Criteria for beneficiaries selection
  4. Asked to mention a few other flagship schemes of the government
  5. Finally, why do u want to become a civil servant?
  6. Smiled after answering and asked the next member to take over

Member 3

  1. About a program(DAF) I was part of and my role in it?
  2. Given the present circumstances, what are the two major issues that you think are very important for entire world to fight together? ( Replied Climate change and then peace in
  3. Afghanistan added reasons for the latter like terrorism and the large scale opium production)
  4. Do you have any knowledge about accounting? (Replied No straight away)
  5. Asked something about accounts (Replied, I don’t know)
  6. Asked about CAG and the role of office of CAG
  7. Who maintains the expenditures and revenues of the government?
  8. Finally, You may get into accounting service also, don’t worry I’m sure you’ll learn about it if you get into it.

Member 4

  1. Reasons behind the aridity of native district?
  2. Asked a few questions on civil engineering – Principle of surveying and principle of finite element and etc
  3. Asked about Kirchhoff’s law
  4. Asked about my hobby

Chairman: Good, your interview is over.
Around 25-30 mins, Very pleasant experience and it was a cordial panel.

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