[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #139 : TCA Anant Sir Board, Karnataka Home State, Sociology Optional, IPS

Date of Interview: 02nd September 2021 Afternoon
Board: TCA Anant Sir
Qualification: BE ( ECE )
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Karnataka


  1. Are you in IPS training now? Which cadre are you allotted?
  2. You’ve already got home cadre IPS, still, why do you want to be an IAS, the only service option you have filled?
  3. How do your Electronics and Communication Engineering knowledge help in the field of policing?

Member 1

  1. You mentioned proactive policing. What does it actually mean?
  2. Can you give some instance where police forces failed to make use of it?
  3. Are you aware of newly released Drone Rules? Mention some provisions of it.
  4. How can drones be used in policing?
    What are the concerns associated with drone usage by police?
  5. So you’re an engineering graduate. What project did you do in your final year? Explain
  6. What is Agriculture 4.0?

Member 2

  1. So you’re from Chikkamagalur in Karnataka. Tell some interesting things about your district.
  2. Who was Baba Budan? What is his major contribution?
  3. What’s your opinion on video recording the judicial proceedings and live telecasting them?
  4. What demerits do you see?
  5. What do you think about the written advocacy? You feel it is advantageous?

Member 3

  1. So your optional is Sociology. Who is your favourite Indian sociologist?
  2. What concepts given by him appeal to you the most? Their relevance?
  3. You must have heard about Mrs. Roopa Moudgil , an IPS officer from your state. What report did she give few years back which brought her to limelight?
  4. Do you think it’s right on the part of public servants to glorify oneself infront of media for their official work?
  5. Bangalore traffic congestion is among the city’s major problem. What has been done to address this? What more can be done?

Member 4

  1. Spoke of farming techniques like organic , vertical farming etc.,
  2. How we can ensure better market linkage of farm produce around the city with the markets in the city?
  3. Karnataka is a forerunner in the IT sector on the country. Are you aware of the IT sector contribution to Karnataka’s GSDP?
  4. Also, in GST implementation and collection Karnataka is among the top states. You having worked in State Commercial Tax Department, from your experience, tell some initiatives and methods employed by the State?

Chairman: Thank you

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