[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #142 : Air Marshal Ajit S. Bhonsle Board, Electrical Engineering Optional

Board: Air Marshal Ajit S. Bhonsle Sir
Background: Electrical Engineering
Optional: Electrical Engineering


  1. Asked me to remove the faceshield, gave me some time to settle, briefed me about the protocol and procedure of the interview
  2. Read out my DAF
  3. Asked me about my job at IRSEE
  4. What do you think will be the impact on J&K vis-a-vis Afghanistan situation
  5. Tell me about 2 challenges you have faced in your life
  6. What are the challenges faced while performing Manipuri dance as compared to other classical dances ( done a certificate course in Manipuri dance)

Member 1

  1. Asked me about a mathematics scholarship (I had mentioned in my DAF)
  2. You are an engineer and IRSEE seems to be a perfect match for you, then why civil services?
  3. Do you think civil services should be a permanent bureaucracy or should we make it transitional?
  4. What reforms would you suggest in civil services?
  5. What is Mission Karmayogi?

Member 2

  1. Asked me about a medal in mathematics (DAF- mathematics scholarship )
  2. Recent appointments made in SC, names of potential CJIs out of the 9 judges
  3. Name 4 well known IPS officers
  4. Compare Indian Air Force with Chinese Air power
  5. Tell us about the internal security challenges India is facing

Member 3

  1. Challenges wrt Renewable energy
  2. Then a long discussion on renewable energy only
  3. Situational question – What would you do if the new govt is bashing about the policies of
  4. previous govt ( in reference to permanent vs transitional bureaucracy question)
  5. What would your approach be in case of new govt demanding a policy overhaul

Member 4

  1. How literacy rate contributes in economic development
    But Saudi Arabian economy is doing much better without focusing on education
    Kerala despite high literacy rates not performing economically
  2. What does a Saudi Arabian woman having a good lavish lifestyle lack


  1. I will give you a headline of an article you tell me what could the contents be in that – “We don’t love our daughters enough”
  2. What are your plans for today?
  3. Your interview in over, have a nice day
  4. Overall the board was very cordial and nice. They didn’t try to grill me or anything. It felt like they gave me an environment good enough to perform at my best, way too much better than any of the mock panels.

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