[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #144 : Air Marshal Bhonsle Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Sociology Optional, Zumba, movies on social issues, kabaddi Hobbies

Date of Interview: (06/09/21)
Board: Air Marshal Bhonsle sir
Background: B/g – Mnnit Allahabad -ECE
Home State: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Job at Qualcomm,
Optional: Sociology
Hobbies: Zumba, movies on social issues, kabaddi


  1. very nicely explained the whole process – no tricky questions. Just want to have a good conversation. ask me to make sure – speak after thinking properly.
  2. Readout whole Daf.
  3. Gave two-three statements to explain: remember only one :
  4. If you can’t measure can’t improve it

Member 1

  1. IoT and robotics in nation development.
  2. Not able to recall other ques

Member 2

  1. even after nirbhaya incident and consequent laws, women are not safe. Why?
  2. Padman: director, name person on whom it is based, what message does it give
  3. Zumba – where founded, when
  4. Crypto currency and blockchain explain
  5. Name women judges currently joined the SC
  6. Chairman tapped the pencil on the table

Member 3

  1. discussion on difference between vocational education and skill development.
  2. Supw in CBSE school
  3. Chairman tapped the pencil on table

Member 4 

  1. Name movies you have watched, why social issues, what significance these movies hold
  2. Changing family system in India – good/bad
  3. As ghaziabad sdm, what will be your priorities explain the issues and solutions also
  4. Why ald to prayagraj, good policy? Tried to grill –
  5. Chairman tapped the pencil on table.

    Chairman: Thank you your interview is over. All the best.
    Overall very cordial board. Mam seemed not to be satisfied. Mostly analytical questions.

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