[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #147 : TCA Anant sir Board, Karnataka Home State, PSIR Optional, Watching wildlife docus & reading Gandhi Hobbies

Date of Interview: 08/09/21 – Afternoon
Board: TCA Anant sir
Background: Mechanical Engg
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Karnataka
Hobbies: Watching wildlife docus and reading Gandhi


  1. Asked me to remove face shield.
  2. What you’ve been doing since grad?
  3. Which books on Gandhi have you read?
  4. What ideas of Gandhi relevant today?
  5. Some are irrelevant also right?

Member 1

  1. What type of documentaries you watch?
  2. What is tropic cascade?
  3. Recited in sanskrit, Satyam bruyat, Priyam bruyat
  4. (I completed the next line 🙂 – Na bruyat satyamapriyam)
  5. You read Gandhi, so would you always abide by truth?
  6. Then you’ll lie to boss also?
  7. Whatever boss says you’ll agree to do?

Member 2

  1. What is Bharatmala? What are targets?
  2. Ok, what is Sagarmala?
  3. This port led industrialization, don’t you think it’s useless because coal imports are banned and shifting them near ports from hinterlands to ports would be counterproductive?
  4. 2 stroke and 4 stroke, which is more efficient?
  5. In percentage terms?
  6. What are qualities of a leader?

Member 3

  1. Why PSIR after Mech Engg?
  2. Security implications of Taliban in Afg?
  3. Taliban formed Govt. What is your assessment?
  4. You mean to say Good Taliban underlined and Bad at helm?
  5. Tell abt transition from NAM to QUAD
  6. So you approve of QUAD?
  7. What are TDI and CRDI? Why important?
  8. Difference between them?

Member 4

  1. Apart from what you’ve mentioned, what are you passionate about?
  2. How is malnutrition measured?

Thank you interview is over.

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