[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #151: Sathyavathy ma’am Board, Madhya Pradesh Home State, History Optional,

Date of Interview: 26th Aug
Board: Sathyavathy ma’am
Graduation: Civil Engineering
Optional: History
Home State: Madhya Pradesh


  1. What did you do after completing your graduation and after resigning from the job?
  2. You have history optional so tell me which personality has influenced you from ancient Indian history
  3. What did you inherit personally from him?
  4. You so far praised him but tell me what exactly you inculcated in yourself
  5. Okay then tell me which recent historical personality influenced you.
  6. (I honestly said that whatever I read about ’em, I read that during preparation and nothing beyond that)
    She smiled and passed over to first member

Member 1

  1. So tell me Mr A about Secularism
  2. How did both types of secularism model evolve particularly emphasizing upon Indian model.
  3. Don’t you think political parties in India these days acting against secularism
  4. Okay Tell me about the concept of Smart cities
  5. How many cities under Smart city mission from your state
  6. Why Indore has been the cleanest city in row ?
  7. Which state became the first state to implement NEP 2020.
  8. (I read this question in some transcript but as I was going to search the answer someone called me and I forgot to search so had to say Sorry)

Member 2

  1. Tell me three civil engineering projects in India that you are proud of
  2. Tell me three international civil engineering projects which left you awestruck
  3. What is your opinion on privatization of Air India
  4. Who will provide pro bono services (Vande Bharat mission, airlifting of expatriates under distress ) if you privatize these government players
  5. Are you aware of GDPR?
  6. What’s the effect of GDPR on India
  7. What are E-commerce issues and can you justify the regulation on them by the state?

Member 3

  1. What is the Rafale issue?
  2. Why Govt is not disclosing price and other details of the deal to public when we are a democracy
  3. So if SC has given clean chit to the govt, will it absolve the govt from her responsibilities !!
  4. Is SC’s judicial interpretation infallible?
  5. You are made a DC if selected! Then you will also conceal information from the public and if you are also given clean chit then administration will be at the labyrinth !!!
  6. So National Security is over and above democratic principles and transparency ??
  7. Tell me something about Malabar Rebellion
  8. (Actually, I very well knew but got confused in between Battle of Colachal and Moppilah rebellion and I am gonna regret this throughout my life 😏)
    I said sorry sir I am not able to recall but if you allow then I can tell you about Moppilah rebellion and then he murmured something that I could not understand due to low voice and his mask
    (That day I really realised the stress you hold on Hot seat and Doppler’s effect 😛)

Member 4

  1. What is the difference between Water Management and Water conservation
  2. Tell me more about this ( I delineated with real life example)
  3. Which country is adopting best practices in water conservation and management
    (Isreal I said )
  4. What’s India’ s rank in Water Quality Index
  5. Tell me about Environment Impact Assessment
  6. Tell me about Social Impact Assessment
  7. Tell me about Contract Labour Laws reforms which were in news recently
  8. Difference between demonetization and monetization of assets ?
  9. What are the positives of Demonetization
  10. What’s the new trend in the past 4-5 years in the distribution of Padme Sri Awards
  11. (I thought they wanted to drag me into political debate & I said it’s merit based, giving few examples but then Chairperson interrupted and said we are not interested in types and other awards tell us about the trendz in Padma sri, how people are getting them in last 4-5 years)

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