[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #154 : Ajit Marshal Bhonsle Board, Uttarakhand Home State, PSIR Optional, badminton, football, Travelling Hobbies

Board: Ajit Marshal Bhonsle sir
Background: B.tech CSE,
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Uttarakhand
Hobbies: Badminton, football, Travelling,


  1. Meaning of name
  2. Origin story of name
  3. Synonyms of name
  4. Ind Afghan recent CIA NSA talks
  5. Pakistan is a winner?

Member 1

  1. aspirational districts prog? What is it?
  2. How many aspirational districts?
  3. Messi went to which club?
  4. Why not stay at barca?
  5. Indian badminton better at Paralympics than Olympics. Why?
  6. Name of dm who won medal?
  7. Which state is he from?
  8. Which district does he serve?

Member 2

  1. What is VPN?
  2. Why in news?
  3. Landslides in utk. You are the secretary suggest measures
  4. Environment vs development how to handle
  5. What would you do different in both covid waves?

Member 3

  1. ( strict, pokerface lady, always seemed unhappy with answers)
  2. Why unemployment in india?
  3. Follow up on my answer that structural issue of weak mfg- gave long speech on our mfg being better than most in the world. Still why unemployment?
  4. Skill development (that’s what she wanted to hear) initiatives? Why govt obsessed with skilling?
  5. Follow up on my answer where I mentioned technology- which type? I said 4th ir
  6. Name some 4th ir tech
  7. Won’t it lead to job loss?

Member  4

  1. ( 100% sure he was the psychologist)
  2. Picked up mams statement and gave long speech. Gist was why farmers not getting money?
  3. Follow up on my food processing answer. Will it end all problems of farmers?
  4. How to enhance marketing and demand?
  5. Give policy outline as rural secretary to solve farmers problems.


  1. What are your special plans for today?
  2. He said ok you can go. But I couldn’t hear so I sat waiting. He repeated. Asked to take along
  3. water and shield. Mask was always on except during initial verification.
  4. Forgot to check the time. But must have been around 35 minutes.

Special note- unlike earlier when we had to get documents verified at one place and were taken to the waiting hall later, this time it was at one common hall only. There’s ac and washroom and refreshments and newspapers so don’t worry. Also you need not wear sheild or gloves while waiting. When your turn is up the peon will escort you to the room and make you sit outside for 5 10 minutes. Won’t even know the boards name till you are called. Stay relaxed. ITS NOTHING LIKE THE MOCKS! You will enjoy the conversation it’s very relaxed. No personal qs no counter questions no grilling. ATB

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