[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #155 : Dr. Manoj Soni Board, Kerala Home State, Anthropology Optional

Board: Dr. Manoj Soni
Graduation: B Tech Agricultural Engineering
Optional: Anthropology
Home State:  Kerala


  1. Is your name a Malayalam word? What it means?
  2. Topic of essay I wrote in arts festival (daf)
  3. Introduce yourself in Hindi by focussing on your personality
  4. Project your personality traits in English
  5. Are you a good leader?

Member 1

  1. Do you think agrarian crisis do exist in our country?
  2. Contributions of my college to the agriculture in Kerala

Member 3

  1. Tell me about the treasure at Padmanabhaswamy temple
  2. Tell something about the emerging technologies
  3. Status of agriculture in China right now

Member 4

  1. Talked about palm oil scandal in Kerala
  2. What is culture?
  3. Constitutional provisions related to culture
  4. Opinion on Sabarimala women entry

Member 4

  1. Is it right to punish a person after decades under #metoo allegations
  2. Is it really necessary for women to enter Sabarimala?
  3. In your opinion where do we want to really give prime focus for women empowerment?
  4. Do women’s empowerment negatively affect our social structure?
  5. Difference between aadhar card and voter id
  6. Do u feel any privacy issues if you are asked to link your aadhar and voter id?

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