[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #158 : Manoj Soni sir Board, Anthropology Optional

Board: Manoj Soni sir
Optional: Anthropology


  1. Tell me about your Upsc journey (told about my attempts and preparation phase)
  2. This seems a very simple journey, no struggle story? (Told him that journeys are not defined by the struggles you face but the lessons they teach)
  3. Meaning of your name
  4. Your name and your medical background- any story behind it?
  5. Situational question about being SP
  6. One question on Afghanistan

Member 1

  1. Can India ever coordinate with Russia and China over Afghanistan issue?
  2. Coming from an Army background, you have seen the Defence closely. Tell me positive points and negative points

Member 2

  1. Very analytical questions
  2. Relation between culture and religion
  3. Society is moving from status to contract to status
  4. Linguistic pluralism should lead to pluralistic laws. Do you agree?

Member 3

  1. Reforms needed in bureaucracy
  2. Why Babu culture?
  3. Why stagnation in bureaucracy?
  4. We are already having community engagement, what more needs to be done to change public perception towards bureaucracy
  5. Why doctors praised but bureaucrats criticised during Covid

Member 4

  1. Questions about right to protest
  2. Questions about Odisha Government giving reservations in medical and engineering colleges
  3. Questions on education sector in general


  1. Questions on saree.
  2. Asked to recite a poem

Thank you. All the best. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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