[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #159 : TCA Anant Board, Maharashtra Home State, Sociology Optional

Board: TCA Anant
Graduation: NIT Nagpur
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Maharashtra
Work ex: Currently working in JPMorgan chase


  1. You are from Akola
  2. Tell me something about buldhana ?
  3. Strengths and weakness of buldhana?
  4. You are doing good in life . Here your salary will be less than half and then why you want to join?
  5. What you do in JPMorgan ?
  6. What kind of flows are in it ?
  7. From where are you based out of ?
  8. So you are working from home ?

Member 1

  1. Do you write algortihm?
  2. So while working you stole some time from job is this so and prepared for civils?
  3. You have been topper all through why didn’t you think of doing mba?
  4. What is the measure for you by that ou will say you brought change in lives of people?
  5. How did you study for this interview? What was your approach?
  6. What drives Ashish? Is it money power fame ?

Member 2

  1. Which newspaper you read ?
  2. tell me 3 news ?
  3. Did you read Indian express or economic times ? As 2 of 3 were financial news 🙂
    misc: Did you read about Gautam Budh Nagar news? (This hint was not given: Some district name where mahapanchayat happened ) Not able to recall.
  4. You are to be advising PMO on Afghanistan what will you say ?
  5. what is blockchain?
  6. Few uses of blockchain?
  7. What will be you reaction if tomorrow govt accepts bitcoin as legal tender?
  8. What is the current price of 1 bitcoin ?

Member 3

  1. What type of work you do under CSR ?
  2. How govt ensures 2 companies doesn’t work for same ngo ? (Not aware)
  3. Are you aware about national audit framework something (Indas)? (Vague idea but not sure )This was asked to everybody irrespective of their background?
  4. Is climate change the truth ?
  5. There have been similar changes in the past ?
  6. Two govt initiatives which you think are steps in the right direction?

Member 4

  1. Continuing on climate change more carbon more plants will consume why the hoax?
  2. Are we only serious about it ? USA doesn’t seems to bother? (Some discussion and counter questions)
  3. About csr activities should be centralised or local responsibility should be maintained?

Chairman : thank you much . your Interview is over.

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