[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #16 : Air Marshal Bhosale Board, Anthropology Optional, Maharashtra State, Game dev, teaching Hobbies

Date of Interview: 20 Aug 2021
Board:  Air Marshal Bhonsle Sir
Home State: Maharashtra, Pune.
Education: Btech Computer Engi -2018, Nirma University Ahmedabad
Optional: Anthropology
Work ex-Oracle – GIFT city Gandhinagar
Hobbies: Game dev, teaching


  1. So you graduated from Nirma. Tell me 5 qualities of Karsanbhai Patel?
  2. Do they teach students these things?
  3. Which is your one lifelong learning from your GIFT city’s work experience?

Member 1

  1. You did computers right.Tell me what is cryptography?
    Then he talked 2 min about keys in cryptography etc and said leave it.
  2. What will be the impact of quantum computing on cryptography?
    I told about cryptography breaking and superposition
  3. What is superposition?
  4. Suppose you have 8 bits in quantum so how much possible 1/0 combination can be possible? I again said about superposition and said I don’t know the exact no because it will be too much higher than 2 to power 8
    Not satisfied.
  5. What is Ct scan ? Full form
  6. Which rays are used in it?
  7. Tell me 3 uses of nuclear energy?

Member 2 

  1. What is big data?
  2. Suppose as a DM you have to manage migrants labours data how will you form an accurate database? In one of the point I talked about feedback and missing links
  3. How will you take feedbacks?
  4. Now let’s move on over data.
    Women work force participation ratio in India is very low. Tell me laws for increasing that?
  5. What is gift city?
  6. What is so special about it?

Member 3

  1. Where do we find naga tribe?
  2. Do they found outside India also?
  3. Recent constitutional amendment related to them
  4. PM on this independence day said about collective power of small and marginal farmers what does he talking about exactly?
  5. You mentioned nuclear isotopes for cancer earlier tell me law via which any hospital or clinic can use them?
  6. What is the tech behind MRI?
  7. One very special thing about Gift city? I mentioned one and he said no. He was expecting some special solid waste management there.

Member 4

  1. What have you done about game development?
  2. Why we need ease of doing business index?
  3. So as you mentioned about 10 parameters let’s talk about registration of property.
  4. Why it is needed and it’s importance?
  5. Tell me 5 major problem India is facing?
  6. Why cooperative movement was successful in areas like milk but not in land ?

Chairman sir

  1. What will you do now?
    I said that I will go and celebrate my friend’s bday
  2. Where?
  3. Convey wishes from my side also.Your interview is over.Best of luck.

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