[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #160 : TCA Anant sir Board, Tamil Nadu Home State, Geography Optional, Badminton Hobby

Date of Interview: 8th September 2021
Board: TCA Anant sir
Background: Automobile engineering,
Optional: Geography
Home State: Tamil Nadu
Hobby: Badminton
Work experience: 2 years in the automotive sector


  1. What was your role in the company? What type of testing
  2. Why did u left the job and came for the preparation?
  3. Follow up; How did u serve when u get other service (other than IAS) which will be monotonous in nature?

Member 1

  1. What is happening in Automobile sector?
  2. Issue with biofuels
  3. What is GDP and Current GDP
  4. What is the issue with current GDP growth and the state of economy
  5. What is GDI
  6. Two successful PAN india schemes successful in your state
  7. Problems in adopting Electric vehicles
  8. One nation one ration card – Why it is introduced

Member 2

  1. Asked about Velankanni (DAF: Locality)
  2. Recent movie about a Badminton player ( Hobby: Badminton)
  3. Problem with biofuel while used in flexible engine
  4. Why government did not go for direct Electric vehicle transformation, instead why it opts for an alternate fuel in the meantime
  5. What are waterfalls? How it is formed?
  6. What is fold? Formation process ; In which rocks folding occurs
  7. What is the divergence between Bien administration and Trump administration

Member 3

  1. What is this BS4 and BS6; Difference between them and explain it to me in layman terms
    Follow up; Discussion on who bears more cost on this BS4 to BS6 transition
  2. Suggest me a suitable City utility vehicle; A very light discussion on that and follow ups
  3. What is the market share of Daimler? ( Work experience) Discussion on this
  4. What is unique about Daimler other than Tata and Ashok leyland

Member 4

  1. What is Cadastral survey (never heard of it)
  2. How will you use Geography to change the lives of common people
  3. How will you solve ambiguities in land ownership ; follow up questions
  4. What is inflation and current inflation
  5. Monetary policy committee and it’s role in inflation targeting
  6. High inflation is good for growth, do you agree
  7. Interest rate and growth linkage
  8. Parameters affecting inflation ; Reason for the current inflation

The board was cordial, they let me remove my face shield but interview went ahead with mask.
All the best everyone!!!

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