[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #161 : Ajit Marshal Bhonsle Board, Tamil Nadu Home State, Geography Optional, Swimming Hobby

Date of Interview: 9/9/2021
Board: Ajit Marshal Bhonsle
Graduation: mechanical engineering
Optional: geography
Home State: Tamilnadu
Hobbies: swimming, watching space tech videos, following women’s cricket, fitness enthusiast…


  1. made me comfortable as he explained the process and read my daf aloud starting from school, college and all the hobbies….
  2. He asked me to tell about any other hobby which I haven’t mentioned in the daf…I said I like riding bikes for longer distance….
  3. What’s the purpose of brakes?
    We had long discussion…I said that the brakes is for safety and comfort and he gave his own perspective about brakes as he said that it’s not about safety, brakes make you to ride faster and it’s a marketing strategy…

Member 1 

  1. (mostly factual questions from geography)
  2. geopolitical importance of Indian Ocean
  3. name some warm ocean currents
  4. name some hot local winds
  5. highest peak in Himalayan region, Indian region
  6. reason behind the name of trade winds

Member 2

  1. What is Chidambara ragasiyam?
  2. Features of Brihadeeshwara temple.

Member 3 

  1. why do you follow women’s cricket?
  2. name the women cricketer who took 200+ ODI wickets and her native state.
  3. Captain of present Indian women’s team
  4. Asked about some places and their importance – Ain Sefra, Petra
  5. Name the External intelligence agencies of India, UK, USA
  6. Name the Government of India ministers of Law, IT, Health
  7. Which swimmer is the most successful Olympian and the number of medals won by him.

Member 4

  1. (opinion based questions)
  2. How IPL has changed the cricketing culture of India?
  3. IPL impact on world cricket
  4. Role of coaching centres in school education and what needs to be done in government schools
  5. Issues in higher education and remedies

    Chairman: good, your interview is over…

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