[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #165 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Anthropology Optional, Painting Hobby

Date of Interview: 10.09.2021
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Background: Aerospace Engg.
Optional: Anthropology
Hobby: Painting


  1. Drone technology development activities?
  2. In which region extensively used ? ( Armenia, Azerbaijan) ? What is the exact issue?
  3. Why is the drone seen as a future warfare ? What is its effect in the hand of non state actors?
  4. Why Drone rules liberalized in India if there is a potential security threat?
  5. How can we address the threat of drones?DRDO efforts?
  6. Can we get the technology from USA in future? What are other friendly nations that can provide us the technology?
  7. Define tribe?
  8. Safeguards for tribals constitutional, legal and institutional?
  9. Different programs for tribal welfare? with examples and evaluate?

Member 1

  1. Long question regarding a tribe in Gujarat which is African based tribe and has huge potential in running?
  2. One more tribe in West Bengal at Siliguri corridor and potential threat around the same?
  3. What is Anti-satellite technology? Does India have the same? Explain the technology and threats? Is it due to threat from China?
    Does China have the same?
  4. What is far east economic forum? India’s stake in region? China Russia axis?
  5. ISRO vs PSU Efficiency?
  6. Specialist vs generalist?

Member 2

  1. Say something regarding van Gough?
  2. Did he enjoy the amount of popularity when he was alive?
  3. Can painting be a full-time job( discussion around the same)
  4. What is US ” war on terror” ( tomorrow is 20 yrs of 9/11 attack, expected question)
  5. Questions around Taliban, Al Qaeda ( Did US completely eliminate the terrorism)
  6. Place of Saddam Hussein death ( don’t know sir) , pushed a lot to answer ( said some place and asked which country don’t know)

Member 3

  1. Are you aware of the recent airstrip? Location? Why near an airbase, a new airstrip? Why a lot of news surrounding the same?
  2. Do you know regarding a new deal with TATA airbus c 239 aircraft? Why now? Why change? Which we are using now?
  3. What is Anthropocene?
  4. Discuss Chandrayan 2 success?
  5. DRDO and covid?

Member 4

  1. Why aerospace?
  2. Future scope in the sector?
  3. Why civil service now? Why no job?
  4. Is autonomy of ISRO the only reason for their success? Because they do have a lot of red-tapisms?
  5. Peaceful use of outer space treaty? 5 guidelines and institutions for the same?
  6. What is interferometry? ( Project)Thank you your interview is over.

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