[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #168 : Dr. Manoj Soni Board, Haryana Home State, Bhangra, Badminton Hobbies

Date of Interview:10 September 2021
Board: Dr. Manoj Soni
Background: Doctor, Mbbs, Safdarjung Hospital
Home State: Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana
Hobbies: Bhangra, Badminton

  1. Can you remove your facemask and shield to match your picture?
  2. You can wear mask again. Can you tell what is the importance of masks even when there is social distancing?
  3. So After doing internship in 2020, what all you did?
  4. What was your experience in COVID duty and during 2nd covid wave?
  5. We need funds for health, for education. Seeing limited resources what do u think is the least important ministry from which funds could be cut? (I said every ministry is important and we should cut on corruption, leakages and rationalise subsidies)
  6. How will you prevent leakages? ( i told DBT, digitisation)
  7. How to prevent misuse of funds in DBT? ( talked about E-RUPI – voucher-based system)
 Member 1
  1. Seeing such a shortage of doctors, didn’t u rethink your decision to stay a doctor?
  2. Regarding Pegasus, how can state do snooping on public?
  3. Earlier it was paperwork but no issues like this, why?
  4. How to balance Rt to privacy n Rt to public security?
Member 2
  1. What is the need of UT? Shouldn’t this idea be scrapped?
  2. What about Chandigarh? What has centre done in it?
  3. What are the issues regarding Organ transplant and donation?
  4. What is this Euthanasia, Active, Passive, what are the provisions in India?
  5. Shouldn’t Rt to die with dignity involve anyone whoever wants to die, why only vegetative state?
  6. Who was really Safdarjung?
Member 3
  1. If you are given power to allocate budget, u think that is sufficient?
  2. What other things are required?
  3. Have you heard about Ajmer?
  4. It has always remained outside of federal powers. What is analogous nowadays? (Can’t remember exact question)(Answered UT directly administered by Center, they wanted to hear this)
  5. What are the recent Singapore developments?
Member 4
  1. You have been ahead girl of your school. What were your takeaways?
  2. How you dealt with crisis with a positive attitude? example?
  3. What are India’s relations with Pakistan
  4. How to improve them?
  5. Tell me anything about Indian ocean region
  6. You also do Bhangra. Do women also perform it? Or is it a male dance?
  1. So how was your overall experience in UPSC Bhavan?
  2.  Any suggestions as a doctor?
  3. Your interview is over. Stay safe and healthy!
  4. Cordial and comfortable board.

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