[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #169 : TCA Anant Board, Bihar Home State, Anthropology Optional, Table Tennis Hobby

Date of Interview: 09/09/2021, forenoon
Board: TCA Anant
Background: B.Tech (Civil), IIT Bombay
Hobby: Table Tennis
Optional: Anthropology
Home State: Katihar (Bihar)

  1. Tell me about Katihar
  2. As DM of Katihar, tell me what you will do for next 2 years
Member 1
  1. Tell me height of TT net
  2. Difficulty in construction activity in black soil
  3. Why black soil swells? Is it due to any compound/chemical?
  4. Asked me about some principle related to CE (haven’t heard of)
Member 2 
  1. From where govt collects revenue- tell me the percentage wise bifurcation
  2. Counter questions
Member 3
  1. Tell me some govt schemes being implemented in your village and their success, failures
  2. Purdue Univ vs IIT Bombay (Daf)
  3. Do you play sports? TT- name some players and olympians.
  4. In recent para Olympics, a civil servant participated. Tell me the sport and name
  5. OFB corporatisation
  6. Afghan issue- what is happening there and India’s interest
Member 4
  1. DAP2020 vs DPP 2016 (daf)
  2. earlier offset clause in defence procurement was an issue for MSME. Tell me the reasons
  3. Why separate accounts department for defence?
  4. Why Civil services after IIT

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