[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #173 : Smita Nagraj Board, Kerala Home State, Anthropology Optional

Board: Smita Nagraj
Home State: Kerala
Optional: Anthropology
Work ex: Fertilizer sector experience


  1. Thing you enjoyed most in your job.
  2. How do you deal with mistakes of your subordinates?
  3. What is the current subsidy policy?
  4. What changes will you suggest?

Member 1

  1. Advantages of moving into DBT to farmers.
  2. Long term solution to reduce subsidy?
  3. Why covid cases increasing in Kerala
  4. What can be done. ?

Member 2

  1. What are biofertilizers
  2. Why can’t chemical fertilizers be replaced with bio fertilizer?
  3. What is Nipah? Why are ppl more afraid of it than covid?
  4. Difference b/w appam n idiyappam

Member 3

  1. When n why was kendriya vidyalaya established?
  2. What is NEP ? 2 Provisions I like most?
  3. Any anthropologist I like and his concepts?
    (I said Boaz and Cultural Relativism)
  4. He asked me about LP Vidyarti Sacred Complex.
  5. Asked link between sacred complex and Sanskritisation?

Member 4

  1. If you’re JS fertilizer department will you abolish fertilizer department?
  2. Will you privatise fertilizer PSUs
  3. Will you stop fertilizer subsidy

Your interview is over.

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