[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #175 : Sujata Mehta Board, Andhra Pradesh Home State, Anthropology Optional, Travelling, Badminton Hobbies

Board: Sujata Mehta Ma’am
Background: BTech (ECE) -Nit Warangal
Working in Micron
Optional: Anthropology
Home State: Andhra Pradesh
Hobbies: Travelling, Badminton


  1. What can India do in short term(next 3 years) to become manufacturing hub in semi-conductors
  2. What was your best travelling experience. (Told about a trek)
  3. What is your least enjoyed traveling experience ( told visiting temples)
  4. Do you think trekking and other activities are confines to only rich, while piligrimage is a mass based tourism?

Member 1

  1. Tell me about different existing inter state border disputes . What can he done about it.
  2. Tell me about reason why inter state water disputes are persisting.
  3. Tell about recent Karnataka – TamilNadu water dispute.
  4. Tell me about Andhra Telangana water disputes.

Member 2

  1. Why did you take anthropology?
  2. How anthropology can be used in administration.
  3. What is your take on Socio economic caste census ( chairman asked member to skip this question very firmly and go for next question )
  4. What is sanskritisation.

Member 3

  1. What is the role of USA in current Afghanistan crisis.
  2. Do you think education system has failed as suicides are increasing in higher education institutions
  3. What is smart city mission.
  4. What are works taken up in Hyderabad under smart city mission.
  5. Tell me about aspects of recent IPCC report related to India in 5-6 points.

Member 4

  1. you know national health mission (and he explained that center shares money to states to improve health system)
  2. Why people blame center for covid when health is clearly state subject.
  3. Do you think center should interfere in state subject like health
  4. If center manages covid by itself, why some states performed well and some couldn’t do well.


  1. Do you want us to ask from anything, it’s okay even if you say no (I said badminton or Andhra Pradesh)
  2. Do you think bifurcation was necessary or beneficial?
  3. That demand existed from 30 years back. The Center could have let the demand continue as it is. Why did it yield now?
  • Thank you, you may leave now
  • Board is very cordial.
  • They let me express my views and didn’t interrupt unnecessarily.
  • All the best to all.

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