[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #18 : Dr. TCA Anant Board, PSIR Optional, Maharashtra State

Date of interview: 18th Aug. 2021
Board: Dr. TCA Anant sir
Background: B Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Maharashtra

• DAF tags- Quizzing, Bharat Scouts and Guides, Head of an event, Calligraphy, Fighter jets


  1. Readout only educational qualifications from DAF.
  2. What have you been doing since graduation (2018) ?
  3. Other than preparation? What else?
  4. Any community participation?
  5. What did u do in Covid related works?
  6. Why did u choose PSIR?

( M 4 interrupted. Chairman asked me to answer him )
Follow up questions on this

Member 1

  1. What is ‘The Argumentative Indian’ concept ? Who gave this concept?
  2. Is it good to be argumentative ?
  3. Should civil servant be argumentative ?
  4. Does it mean obstructionist ?
  5. Do u support bifurcation of Maharashtra ? Asked me to justify my stand ?
  6. Why Pune and Mumbai have higher covid cases ?

Member 2

  1. Long questions on Sugarcane, Sugar industry and diversion of water resources.
  2. Current stats on farmers’ suicide.
  3. Suppose you are an officer in charge, how will you oppose strong sugar lobby, liquor barons ? Any steps taken on this ?
  4. What can be done in Marathwada?
  5. Question on resource transfer.

Member 3

  1. Very soft spoken, unable to hear her question.
  2. Asked her politely to repeat the question. She removed her mask and asked me to remove my mask.
  3. Afghan issue – Impact on India’s international standing, Impact on Pakistan’s standing.
  4. Sudden withdrawal of USA from Afganisthan ? Why so much hurry ? Is it fair to leave all armed vehicles, infrastructure ?
  5. Do you think Biden is a weak president ?
  6. On one hand many states are bringing population control policies/bills and on other hand we are allowing Refugees. What is the way forward ?

Member 4
Asked about my interest in fighter jets

  1. Why India could not develop commercial aircrafts’ engine as many countries have done that eg Brazil- Embraer ?
  2. What Boeing is doing in India ? Which parts of aircrafts are we producing right now?
  3. Your first preference is IAS. Suppose you are SDM of your district for 6 months, what are your short term priorities ?
  4. Quickly tell any 5 major much needed power sector reforms ?

Your Interview is over. You may leave now.

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