[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #181 : RN Choubey Sir Board, Anthropology Optional, Volleyball Hobby

Board: RN Choubey Sir
Background: MBBS
Optional: Anthropology
Hobby: Volleyball


  1. Welcomed me and asked me to sit.
  2. Since we are sitting at a safe distance, you can remove your mask.
  3. We are good people. This isn’t a police interrogation. If you are unable to hear us, you can ask to repeat. If you do not know any answer, you can say no.
  4. What did you have in breakfast?
  5. Introduce yourself with educational
  6. background and work experience if any?
  7. Gave a background and asked should doctors be brought under Consumer protection act?

Member 1

  1. Should we print money to finance public spending?
  2. follow up questions
  3. What is Anthropology?
  4. Who are Aborigines? Do we use the term in Indian context also?
  5. Who are Schedule tribes? Why called “Scheduled”?
  6. Which authority can make changes in the list?
  7. Tell me a subject apart from Anthropology on which we can talk.
  8. Astrophysics (DAF): What is the Size of the observable universe?
  9. What is a Light year?

Member 2

  1. What is Northeast Region?
  2. What challenges we are facing in our Act East policy.
  3. What more we need to do.
  4. Opinion on women in combat roles
  5. 1or 2 more questions, unable to recall

Member 3

  1. Are you practicing?
  2. What doctors as civil servants could do differently?
  3. 1-2 follow up questions
  4. Opinion on Police reforms
  5. What were those 7 directives in the Prakash Singh judgment?
  6. Tell us about two most important issues in our policing system?

Member 4

  1. Difference between DBT and ICMR?
  2. Some very basic questions on Covid vaccines.
  3. What types of Universities are there in India?
  4. Specific guidelines by Central govt to central universities.
  5. What is there in NEP about central universities?
  6. How my players on each side in volleyball? (DAF)
  7. What are the latest change in the rules of Volleyball?
  8. Which country won Gold in Olympics this year.


  1. -> We all have asked what we wanted. Do you want to tell us something
  2. I spoke about my hometown.
  3. Thank you, your interview is over. You may leave.
  4. Extremely cordial board, was a very pleasant experience

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