[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #185 : Sujata Mehta Madam Board, Maharashtra Home State, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 14 Sept 2021
Board: Sujata Mehta Madam
Optional: PSIR
Background: Civil Engg
Home State: Maharashtra


  1. Introduce urself with education and work-ex
  2. Did ur college give u placement
  3. Did u complete any internship in college (I said yes )
  4. Tell about the internship firm
  5. Elaborate on what you did in internship
  6. Floods in mh , what measures are required
  7. Do you think retrofitting of structures is cost-effective?
  8. Tell about defense establishments in Pune
  9. Why were they located?in Pune
  10. Extreme weather events — floods in Kolhapur. Civil Engg measures that can be taken

Member 1

  1. Why psir as ur optional
  2. We have engg , who do jugaad and chuna lagaana . What’s your take on these things
  3. What is your perception of jugaad? Is it good or bad
  4. Whatis difference in innovation and jugaad

Member 2

  1. Urban planning .. long question …. Are our cities dying because of only few urban centres in all states
  2. What are the measures that can be taken?
  3. What are the issues that indicate cities are under stress
  4. What are your views on e-commerce? Are they benefitting or causing loss to the retailers
  5. Can we cover all the retailers
  6. Repeated q4 again, can we connect the retail grocery shops

Member 3

  1. What is diff in nation and state
  2. What is quad
  3. 3.give arguments in favour of introduction of presidential system in india
  4. Politicisation of governors. What measures can be taken
  5. What was Tashkent agreement

Member 4

  1. Do you know about whole to part and part to whole
  2. SL food emergency
  3. Do u know about issues due to organic farming that led to food crisis in SL
  4. Green buildings are not beneficial due to increased use of glass, etc what are your views
  5. If u are given choice for physical infrastructure and social infra , what will u choose
  6. Ease of living index and its parameters
  7. Pune rank in ease of living index
  8. Is slum rehab an indicator in ease of living ?
  9. completely ignored hobbies and activities page
  10. I might have forgotten few que

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