[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #188 : Sathiyavathy Ma’am Board, Maharashtra Home State, Anthropology Optional

Date of Interview: 14th Sept Forenoon.
Board: Sathiyavathy Mam
Job Profile: Manager in RBI
Optional: Anthropology
Graduation: Electrical Engineering
Home State: Maharashtra


  1. What have you been doing since graduation (2017)?
  2. Why you choose Anthropology as your optional after graduating in Electrical?
  3. Explain why you are so much interested in tribes?
  4. What was your role in tribal health while working with NGO?
  5. What are the major tribal health issues ?

Member 1

  1. What is Start Up India initiative? What are the objectives?
  2. Under which ministry is the Start Up India initiative?
  3. Reforms in power sector ?

Member 2

  1. You come from Aurangabad and it has a very interesting history. It’s famous for it’s Ajantha and Ellora caves but I won’t be asking you about it. Tell me about the Bibi ka Maqbara.
  2. What is the climate of Marathwada region?
  3. Topography of Marathwada ?
  4. You’ve been selected in RBI and there’s a lot of debate about crypto currency. What is the status of crypto currency in India?
  5. In which countries it is recognised as legal tender?

Member 3

  1. Major issues in Indian power sector?
  2. How can we reduce the TnD losses?
  3. Analyze the success of UDAY scheme?
  4. You’ve worked with NGOs. How do NGOs fill in the gap left by the government in development?
  5. What will be your role in RBI?
  6. What can be done to improve the Financial Inclusion in the country and tackle the issue of dormant accounts?

Member 4

  1. Have we contacted all the tribes in India?
  2. What is the strategic significance of Andaman and Nicobar islands?
  3. Why AnN is not developed? What can be done for the development of AnN islands?
  4. What is the government’s approach for development of AnN?


Your interview is over. You may leave.

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