[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #190 : Sujata Mehta Board, Haryana Home State, PSIR Optional

Board: Sujata Mehta
Background: BA, MA political science,
Delhi University, RIMC, cyber olympiad topper
Home State: Haryana
Optional: PSIR


  1. Introduce yourself highlighting educational background and work experience.
  2. Why did you leave RIMC?
  3. What is national security according to you?
  4. are students in universities protesting a national security issue?
  5. is the Uttrakhand deluge a national security issue?
  6. Coronavirus a national security issue?
  7. Should dissent be allowed?


  1. Haryana SDM case : what instructions would you give if you were in his place, was his action okay?
  2. What would you do if casualties arise during a lathicharge ?
  3. forest right act impedes  development, shouldn’t it be amended to make it less strict?
  4. shouldn’t development take priority over environment? What would states like UK earn if they care about environment ?
  5. difference between Gandhi and karl Marx
  6. difference between china and indian growth story
  7. political executive more important or permanent executive ?
  8. why legislative Council in West Bengal? 2 disadvantages of Leg council
  9. what did you learn at RIMC?
  10. what is trojan?
  11. why is cyber security important for India?
  12. what steps to improve cyber security?
  13. should we have a cyber offensive strategy?
  14. future possibility of space warfare
  15. aren’t cyber attacks more dangerous than space warfare?
  16. strategic importance of Maldives for India?
  17. some achievement of ISRO

Contrary to what I was expecting after reading transcripts, the aura was very formal and members looked serious faced, at least under the masks. Interview started right away, no tempo building and no light moments during the interview.

(This transcript has been posted by a community member of ForumIAS)
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