[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #195 : RN Choubey Board, Kerala Home State, Public administration Optional, Cricket Hobby

Date of Interview: 07 September 2021
Board: RN Choubey
Home State: Kerala
Optional: Public administration
Background: Chemical engineering
Hobby: Cricket


  1. Where are you staying in Delhi? Did you get tested?
  2. Tell me which is the highest post a civil servant can become?
  3. Issues and changes needed in election process and solutions for the same.( Gave 3 points, further questions and discussion based on that. )

Member 1

  1. Started off by asking should women wear sarees like those in Kerala and north east do and celebrate festivals like Vishu and Bihu.
  2. Cultural similarities between people of North East and Kerala and have you thought about reasons for the same.
  3. What are UFO’s? Where are they found?
  4. What is Bermuda triangle?
  5. Do you know about Rafale fighter, not the issue but the vehicle.
  6. Difference between defence forces and paramilitary forces and give examples
  7. Why Kerala is god’s own country while northeast is not?

Member 2

  1. Since you studied in a KV , tell the differences and issues between private and public schools.
  2. Based on the discussion asked me about the impact of covid and students migrating to public schools.
  3. As the education secretary what are the measures that can be taken to improve quality in public schools.
  4. Explain is what is meant by  less goverment and more governance.
  5. Tell me the difference between output and outcome based. ( in the context of outcome budgeting of govt)
  6. Why communism continue to thrive in Kerala even after setbacks in other parts of the country and the world?

Member 3

  1. Difference between chemistry and chemical engineering.
  2. Oldest chemical company in India?
  3. What did they manufacture?
  4. As the secretary to govt of India, how will you address the issue of sewage treatment plants?
  5. On cricket tell me about Gary Sobers and why the
  6. present generation does not produce players of his stature?
  7. Do you know about Jim laker? What record does he hold?
  8. Is there anyone from India who has achieved the same?

Member 4

  1. Questions based on MSMEs their contribution, issues and some specific solutions.
  2. Importance of textile industry. And why Bangladesh has an advantage over India?
  3. What measures can be taken to improve the sector.


Is there anything that we’ve missed or you would like to tell us?

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