[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #196 : Sathiyavathy Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, PSIR Optional, Travelling, Walking Hobbies

Board: M. Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Date of Interview: 13/09/2021, Afternoon, 1st one to go
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Graduation:  B.Tech(IT) from Assam University, Silchar
Optional: PSIR
Company: Huawei technology in Bangalore
Hobbies: Travelling to new place + Walking everyday


  1. You are from Agra so why you went to Assam?
  2. So after graduation, how you got selected in Huawei?
  3. After resigning from Huawei, what are you doing now ?
  4. Asked about my previous year interview experience ?
  5. Tell me why lots of controversies going on against Huawei ?
  6. What govt of India is doing regarding it ? Any recent guidelines issued by govt in this context ?
  7. Why Huawei is so famous ? Whats its speciality ?
  8. Whats your opinion about Huawei’s connection with Chinese govt ?

Member 1

  1. What is BRI ? How its cause of concern for India ?
  2. What is debt trap diplomacy ? Your opinion ? Tell me few countries name as well ?
  3. What is OPEC ? What it is doing ? Is it cartel group ?
  4. Stone age ended after stone so what would be the future of world after end of oil ? Your views
  5. Whats challenges India is facing in solar energy ?
  6. Tell me technological implication if power is transferred from solar grid to national electric grid?

Member 2

  1. Why you did NCC C certificates as its take lots of time & energy?
  2. So why not thought to join the armed forces?
  3. What is QUAD? What is it doing in various fields?
  4. Tell me how IT can be used in village areas where internet presence is not much? & counter question

Member 3

  1. When you shifted from Hindi medium UP board to english medium ?
  2. What is the issue of Facebook with govt of India ? Recent data privacy issues
  3. Why regulation of these big tech companies is needed ?
  4. Are India lagging behind in the regulation of these companies ?
  5. These is so much issue of e-waste in IT sectors so is it having the potential to become disaster for India ? Your opinion

Member 4

  1. As you said, you are good in implementation so tell me why so many projects in India got delayed?
  2. What steps you can suggest to streamline these projects completion ?
  3. Why recently Delhi airport was in bad news ?
  4. As DM of Agra, what steps you can take to improve tourism in Agra ?
  5. How multi-model transport connectivity require in Agra ?
  6. Whats are the place to visit in Agra, apart from the Taj Mahal?

Chairman: your interview is over. My best wishes to you.

Mostly questions are from DAF & current affairs. Overall good experience

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