[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #198 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Sir Board, Law Optional

Date of Interview:  15 September
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas Sir
Optional: Law


  1. What are economic offenses?
  2. Tell me about Fugitive economic offenders?
  3. Tell me about repeal of obsolete laws?
  4. Tell some laws in last few years, which were transformative in your opinion?
  5. Fiscal situation of India?
  6. What is motion?

Member 1

  1. Tell me about 2+2 dialogue between India and Australia?
  2. What relevance India-Australia relationship has?
  3. What problems are there between China and Australia?
  4. Some say Indian democracy is a flawed democracy? What do you think?
  5. Give some suggestions for improvement in democracy

Member 2

  1. What is collegium?
  2. What is moral policing?
  3. What do you mean by technology is an enabler, cannot be the replacement of humans?

Member 3

  1. Kannon andha hota h and kannon ke haath lambe hote h?- tell me meaning of these
  2. Justice delayed is justice denied? Do you agree
  3. Tell me about CAG? do you think CAG is functioning satisfactorily?

Member 4

  1. What is National Judicial data grid?
  2. What reform do you suggest in criminal justice system?
  3. Thank you…you may leave now…All the best
  4. Not able to recall all the questions. Will update if remember anything latter.
  5. Thank you all those who shared and All the best to remaining candidates.

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