[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #200 :Bharat Bhushan Vyas Sir Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Sociology Optional

Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas Sir
Background: BA Hons Sociology + MA Sociology
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Uttar Pradesh


  1. What’s Sansad TV and why the need?
  2. Apart from resources rationality, what else does this signify?
  3. Explain in three points to a six year old what to watch on this channel.
  4. Street Vendors – schemes and related discussion
  5. What’s your work in Parliament, and related discussion
  6. Instruments through which Parliament keeps a financial control on the Executive?
  7. Parliamentary Committee System and related discussion

Member 1

  1. Your state is organising Defence Expo – why? What’s the use?
  2. EoDB related discussion
  3. How many licences to open a company?
  4. How many days will it take to get all the licences?
  5. India International Trade Fair
  6. CVC and related discussion
  7. RTI and related discussion

Member 2

  1. PM Fasal Bima Yojana and related discussion
  2. Gender sensitization and related discussion
  3. Geneva Convention and related discussion

Member 3

  1. Further discussion on the misuse of RTI.
  2. Why govt officers fear RTI?
  3. Procedures and grievance redressal mechanism of RTI
  4. Why not pursuing street theatre?
  5. Do you manage to take part in street theatre along with your job?
  6. Covid impact on theatre and related discussion
  7. My work profile and related discussion

Member 4

  1. What’s Khari Boli?
  2. Madhubani Paintings
  3. Schemes for traditional arts and related discussion
  4. What is a good public policy?
  5. Name three schemes which you feel are good public policy in your opinion
  6. Difference between central/state/deemed to be universities
  7. Why IITs created through different Act?


  1. Different missile systems in India
  2. Export of missiles to other countries and related discussion
  3. Yudh Abhyas Exercise and related discussion
  4. Amrut Kaal and its significance
  5. Indian official calendar
  6. Differences in Saka Era and Vikram Samwat

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